Lawn Ornament Rabbit Puzzles Hawk Trying To Catch It

photo credit: Steve Grimme / Facebook

Hawk Confused By Fake Bunny

A big beautiful hawk was caught on camera just a few weeks ago trying to hunt down a bunny in Steve Grimme’s yard, little did the hawk know though, the bunny was a lawn ornament.

photo credit: Steve Grimme / Facebook

The Brave Bunny Didn’t Budge

Steve started recording the video after he watched the hawk land close to the fake bunny in his front yard. After landing the hawk walked straight up to the lawn ornament, getting just a few feet away from it and was probably wondering why it wasn’t running away.

The bunny didn’t move, it just stood its ground, so the hawk flew behind the bunny and continued investigating it. Then suddenly the hawk leaped onto it with a powerful claw grab, however, the bunny didn’t budge and the hawk didn’t get that soft fur grab he’s used to.

photo credit: Steve Grimme / Facebook

The Hawk Finally Gave Up

Still not realizing the bunny was fake, the hawk continued to grab at it with his talons. After many attempts, the hawk finally gave up and flew back into the sky. Steve couldn’t help but post the video to Facebook and give his thoughts on it.

“I couldn’t believe when he poked the bunny a couple times. I was laughing,” Grimme told The Dodo. “And at the end, when he turned away from the bunny, my only thought was he was saying to himself, ‘Geez, I hope none of my other hawk friends saw me do that!?”

Watch The Hawk VS Fake Bunny Video Below