Lainey Wilson’s Passionate Video For “Watermelon Moonshine” Shows Joys Of Young Love

Lainey Wilson / YouTube

Lainey Wilson Releases New Single About A First Romance

Lainey Wilson has released seven singles as a lead artist over the course of her career. Her breakout hit was 2020’s “Things a Man Oughta Know.” The song reached the #1 spot on the Country Airplay chart and won the ACM Award for Song of the Year.

Wilson followed up with another hit single in 2022, “Heart Like a Truck.” The track was Wilson’s first single released off of her ACM Award-winning album Bell Bottom Country.

Now, the second single from Bell Bottom Country is here, titled “Watermelon Moonshine.”

Wilson co-wrote “Watermelon Moonshine” with Josh Kear and Jordan Schmidt. The song describes all of the feelings associated with young love, as Wilson sings:

Too young to know what love was. But we were learnin’ on a sweet buzz. There’s never nothin’ like the first time. And mine’s always gonna taste like, watermelon moonshine.”

The song has been compared to Deana Carter‘s 1996 hit “Strawberry Wine,” which has a similar theme.

Watch The Official Music Video For Lainey Wilson’s “Watermelon Moonshine”

Wilson dropped the passionate music video for “Watermelon Moonshine” on July 12. Upon its release, she said:

“Watermelon Moonshine is all about that young, wild, and crazy love. It’s the love that makes you feel like you’ve got somethin really special that can’t ever be taken away.”

Lainey Wilson speaking about her music video for "Watermelon Moonshine"
Lainey Wilson / Instagram

The video for “Watermelon Moonshine” opens with a clip of an older woman digging up a moonshine jar that served as a time capsule. As she does, she gets lost in memories of when she was young and in love with a boy who worked on the farm.

We flash back to see how the young couple’s passionate romance ignited over sips of watermelon moonshine. Though as red-hot as their relationship was, it fizzled almost as fast as it started.

The video ends with the older woman as she looks through the items in the moonshine jar. She opens a note that reads, “Don’t forget me.” It’s clear she never did…

Wilson also appears throughout the video. She’s seen singing in a pasture while wearing a flowy red top and her signature bell-bottom pants.

Watch Wilson’s official music video for “Watermelon Moonshine” below