Lady A’s Hillary Scott Shares New Photo Of Twins & They’ve Grown So Much

Hillary Scott / Instagram

On January 29th, Lady Antebellum‘s Hillary Scott and her husband Chris Tyrell had their family grow by two. That’s the day that they welcomed their beautiful twin girls, Betsy Mack and Emory JoAnn. The two little girls joined big sister Eisele, who will turn five on July 22.

Shortly after their birth, Hillary shared a precious black and white photo of the twins and another with Eisele holding them. These were the first photos the public ever saw of Betsy and Emory, and everyone instantly fell in love with the two girls.

At the time that Hillary shared these photos, the twins were only a week old.

Since then, Hillary has consistently shared photos of her twin girls. Many of the photos she shares also include her, Eisele, or Chris, showing that Betsy and Emory are surrounded by love.

In May, the entire bunch stopped to pose for their first family selfie, and the resulting snapshot was adorable. The twins were just a little over three months old at the time, but already looked so grown up in comparison to their newborn photos.

If you think the twins look grown up there, just wait until you see the latest photo Hillary had to share of them. 

Even though Hillary shares photos of the twins fairly often, fans still don’t get the chance to see them every day like their family members do. Because of this, each new photo makes their growth seem like it’s happening so fast.

You’ll certainly feel that way when you see the latest photo Hillary posted of herself and the girls. Now five months old, the twins are quite a handful for Hillary…literally.

This is something that Hillary referenced in her short but simple caption to the photo, writing, “Full arms, full heart.

We can’t believe how fast they’ve grown, can you?

While Hillary’s heart is now full with her two sweet babies, her heart had to be broken first. Before they were born, Hillary was pregnant and suffered a miscarriage, which devastated her.

Hillary channeled her feelings into the song “Thy Will,” which appeared on her first-ever gospel record. You can listen to that song below.

Now, Hillary has her sweet twin girls, and she couldn’t be happier. We’re excited to see more photos of them as they grow!