Kyle Busch’s Wife Undergoes Surgery


The beautiful wife of one of NASCAR’s most-polarizing stars has undergone surgery at a local hospital and shared the very personal experience with fans in a series of Instagram posts surrounding her battle with infertility.

Just after attending the red carpet of CMT’s Artist of the Year event honoring women, Kyle Busch’s wife, Samantha Busch, was in a hospital bed awaiting surgery in what she described as an “emotional bump in the road.”

Busch is one of five wives and fiancee’s starring in CMT’s upcoming reality television series Racing Wives which also features her sister-in-law, Ashley Busch.

She and husband Kyle have been married since 2010 and welcomed their first child, Brexton Locke, into the world on May 15th, 2015. During their first pregnancy, Samantha struggled with fertility problems and they opted for IVF as a solution.

Now, seeking to welcome another bundle of joy into the world, the Busch family has opted to undergo another round of IVF treatments and share their journey with the world. Opening up to fans on her popular Instagram page, Busch has shared some of the most intimate and difficult moments already – but recently had to have surgery done in order to proceed.

The brutal honesty and realness from a celebrity has garnered a lot of attention from her followers and grown her fanbase significantly – she brings a tough-to-talk-about subject and shows many people they are not alone in their fight to conceive.

In a recent post, Busch shared that she had to go directly from the red carpet of the CMT event straight into surgery the next morning to have a procedure done that would extract a polyp from her uterus. The polyp was preventing doctors from performing an embryo transfer.

“This was an emotional bump in the road, but happy to say we have cleared another hurdle in our journey,” Busch wrote alongside a photo of her in a hospital gown.

Busch and husband Kyle have been very open about each step they take to ensure a good pregnancy and increase the odds of conception. She shares everything from exercise tips to food prep advice on her Instagram page for fans to follow along.

Check out her full post below and join us in wishing her a quick recovery as she awaits another blessing!