Kodi Lee Earns Golden Buzzer For Original Song Dedicated To His Mom

America's Got Talent / YouTube

Former America’s Got Talent winner, Kodi Lee, is competing in a new spinoff, AGT: Fantasy League. 

Kodi Lee, a 27-year-old singer and pianist who is blind and autistic, was crowned winner of season 14 of America’s Got Talent in 2019. Kodi had been sharing his music for years, but his time on AGT took his career to new heights. The musician’s AGT audition has been viewed more than 45 million times on YouTube and 340 million times on Facebook! 

This season of America’s Got Talent is unlike any before. For the first time, judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Mel B have drafted all-star teams of fan-favorite contestants from all over the world to compete on the iconic stage. Kodi Lee has returned to the show to compete as a part of Simon Cowell’s “dream team.”  

Kodi Lee performs an original song that he wrote for his mom.  

This week, during the AGT: Fantasy League semi-finals, Kodi Lee brought the audience to tears with an emotional song he wrote for his mom, titled “Journey of You and I.” Kodi introduced the song by saying: 

I wrote this song for my hero. Mom, this song is for you.” 

Kodi’s mom can be seen watching from the side of the stage, and for a time she is projected on the screen behind her son as he performs. 

America’s Got Talent / YouTube

Kodi Lee earns the Golden Buzzer for his performance of “Journey of You and I.”  

The audience and the judges are visibly moved by Kodi’s performance and give him a standing ovation. Simon Cowell expresses that he is “so proud” of Kodi for sharing his original music.

Howie Mandel calls Kodi Lee “the biggest gift that I have ever received on this stage.” In return, Howie gives Kodi a gift and hits the Golden Buzzer, removing him from Simon Cowell’s team and allowing him to automatically advance to the finals as a part of Howie Mandel’s team. 

The crowd goes wild! Simon Cowell is visibly stunned. 

This is not Kodi’s first time receiving the coveted Golden Buzzer. During his original season of AGT, he earned a fast pass to the season’s live shows when he received the Golden Buzzer from then-judge Gabrielle Union. Each judge can only use this advantage once per season. 

Watch Kodi Lee perform “Journey of You and I” on AGT: Fantasy League below!