KFC & Crocs Partner To Release Chicken-Scented Shoes


KFC and Crocs have collaborated to bring their loyal customers a new pair of Crocs that are chicken scented.

The fried-chicken-footwear will hit the market on July 28, 2020, and will be available for purchase on Crocs’ website, for just $59.99 (for comparison, a pair of classic Crocs clogs costs $44.99).

Crocs even presents a convincing argument if you’re looking for a reason to buy the KFC Crocs:

“Do you love world famous fried chicken? Do you love Crocs? Do you love brand spokespersons like Colonel Sanders? Then, boy, howdy, do we have something for you…Covered in a fried chicken print and a striped base, these will make your dreams of wearing a bucket of chicken finally come true.”

Each pair comes with two Jibbitz charms made to resemble and smell like fried chicken drumsticks.


For every pair of Kentucky Fried Chicken Crocs sold, KFC will donate $3 to the KFC Foundation’s REACH Educational Grant Program, which helps employees at participating KFC U.S. restaurants further their education through college scholarships.

Since Crocs are notorious for being some of the most comfortable footwear around, buyers will obviously want to walk around and show them off, which will burn off the calories of the fried chicken they consume – it’s a win-win situation.

The KFC Crocs were first introduced back in February, 2020, during New York Fashion Week. As part of that unveiling, artist MLMA wore a high-platform version of the shoes.

Watch the video debut of the KFC Crocs below.