Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife Reportedly Dating Family Friend Following Divorce

Kevin Costner and his now-estranged wife Christine

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Following her high profile divorce from actor Kevin Costner, Christine Baumgartner, has started dating again.

According to People Magazine, a source close to the situation, 49-year-old Baumgartner has been dating a friend named Josh Connor. Connor was previously a neighbor to the Costner’s while they were married.

Coster shocked fans earlier this year when his wife of nearly 20 years, filed for divorce in May of 2023.

The divorce got complicated immediately due to having three children together, both making not-so-nice claims about each other in court, and especially over the issues of finances.

After lots of back and forth, the former couple finally settled their divorce in September, which – believe it or not – is unusually fast for Hollywood. Baumgartner originally asked for $162,000 in child support, but the court finally deemed Costner responsible for $63,00 a month.

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Costner has reportedly moved on with singer Jewel.

The pair were spotted together in the Virgin Islands, where Jewel was hosting a tennis event to raise money for kids. They were getting very cozy according to photos obtained by TMZ

Kevin Costner, Jewel, and some friends
Jewel / Instagram

Now, Baumgartner is moving on as well.

“Josh was initially just a friend,” the insider told People, while also revealing that they have been dating since she and Costner split up.

the insider continued, “He is a divorced dad and understands what she’s been going through. They both love the ocean and beach life. It’s something that makes Christine happy.”

If you can recall, living in a beachfront home was a point of contention in the divorce.

Their relationship came up during Costner and Baumgartner’s child support hearings, but the latter’s lawyers denied a romantic relationship between and and Connor, stating that he was just a friend.

If you recall, this is the same friend that Baumgartner was spotted with in Hawaii in July with her three children. TMZ was the first to publish those photos.

On January 12, Daily Mail published an article with photos of Baumgartner dropping Connor off at this home with a suitcase. See those photos here.

We wish everyone involved nothing bu the best.