Kenny Chesney Deploys 32-Acre Artificial Reef In Florida

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It’s no secret that hitmaker Kenny Chesney loves the beach, and now, the country star is giving back to the ocean.

The “Don’t Blink” singer is creating an artificial coral reef off the coast of Delray Beach, Florida. Chesney spearheads the project No Shoes Reefs, an organization with a mission to keep the oceans healthy for future generations.


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“Many people don’t realize both how fragile and resilient the ocean’s ecosystems are, and I think it’s the small projects that raise awareness on local levels that help people understand the ocean is a living thing,” Chesney stated in a press release. “It’s a wonderful way to build the No Shoes Nation community of people who care about the ocean, the beach and our whole way of life.”

Construction of No Shoes Reefs 4 began with the installment of 13 “reef balls,” located about half a mile from the Delray Beach shoreline. Each 10,000-pound structure attracts sea life and enables coral growth.


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No Shoes Reefs 4 will also allow educational opportunities for Palm Beach County students to monitor the budding reefs. The artificial reef system will also provide a new habitat for divers to explore, improve water quality, and benefit fisheries.

“No Shoes Reefs is an extension of how I have tried to live for many, many years,” Chesney explained. “Love the water, give back to the water.”

At completion, the artificial coral reef park will cover 32 acres and is a significant step in the battle to maintain ocean health.