Kelly Clarkson Says She’s Worked On Country Songs That We Have Never Heard

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Having already done a tour with Reba McEntire, this music superstar and original American Idol winner has finally confessed that she’s bound to release a country album.

For a long time it’s been rumored that Kelly Clarkson is working on a country album, and after she left her last label, those rumors picked up again. Her latest album is more soulful and she even collaborated with Trisha Yearwood and Reba on a song, but no singles will hit country radio.

For the first time ever, Kelly Clarkson has finally confirmed that she’s already been working on country music and even named the songwriter that helped her make “some number one songs.”

Shane McAnally is one of the most popular and successful songwriters in Nashville – so there’s no doubt why a fan suggested he write Clarkson a number one song.

To the fan’s great surprise, Clarkson tweeted back at him and fully admitted that she had some never-before-heard country songs up her sleeve.

“Shane McAnally has already written some number one songs for me,” she wrote back on Twitter.

After exiting her record deal she made following her win on American Idol, Clarkson signed with Atlantic Records and released her most recent album, Meaning of Life – the album which many thought would be a country record.

While Clarkson has confirmed that McAnally has already penned some “future country jamz” for her, she explains that nobody has heard them yet…but that’s not 100% accurate.

After doing a little digging, it appears that one of Clarkson’s country music demo tapes has already been leaked to the public, and you’ll never guess who wrote it. That’s right…none other than Shane McAnally. 

Titled “Soap and Water,” the song was never officially released on an album or to radio stations, but after searching BMI’s songwriter database, the puzzle comes together with very little guesswork.

How many of you have been waiting for Kelly Clarkson to release country music? 

Listen to her unreleased demo for “Soap and Water” which was written by Shane McAnally below.