Kelly Clarkson Falls To Her Knees After Singing Cher’s New Christmas Anthem

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Cher released “DJ Play a Christmas Song” as the lead single on her Christmas album. 

In October, superstar singer and actress Cher released the first single off of her 2023 album Christmas. The song, titled “DJ Play a Christmas Song,” is a high-energy disco-inspired anthem that will get you on your feet and dancing. 

“DJ Play a Christmas Song” was produced by Mark Taylor, with lyrics written by Sarah Hudson, Jessie Saint John, Brett McLaughlin, James Abrahart, Mark Schick, and Lionel Crasta. The song quickly became a popular holiday tune and was added to Spotify’s 100 Greatest Christmas Songs Ever playlist. 


Kelly Clarkson covers Cher’s holiday single during Kellyoke   

On Tuesday (Dec 19), singer and television host Kelly Clarkson performed “DJ Play A Christmas Song” for the Kellyoke portion of her daytime talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show. Kellyoke is a regular segment of the show, during which Kelly and her band perform song covers that are either requested by fans or are originally by artists whom Kelly was personally inspired by.

Kelly showed off her impressive pipes during the energetic performance and made it look effortless. At the end of the song, she fell to her knees and lifted her arms in the air in an “I am not worthy” expression. She then rose to her feet and twice exclaimed: 

“I LOVE this song!” 

The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube

Cher reacts to Kelly Clarkson’s performance  

Footage of Kelly’s rendition of “DJ Play a Christmas Song” made it back to the Goddess of Pop herself, and Cher shared her thoughts on Twitter. She praised Kelley saying that she “aced it.” 

Kelly responded to Cher’s kind words saying that she “made her year.”

Watch Kelly Clarkson perform “DJ Play A Christmas Song” on The Kelly Clarkson Show below!