Kelly Clarkson Cries When Thomas Rhett Shares Daughter Willa’s Adoption Story

(Left) The Kelly Clarkson Show / YouTube / (Right) Lauren Akins / YouTube

In February 2017, Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, announced they were expecting not one, but two new babies. Lauren found out she was pregnant after the couple had already started the process of adopting a child from Africa.

The pregnancy came as a surprise to the pair, since they stopped trying to get pregnant while they were in the middle of the adoption process.

The family finally brought home their eldest daughter, Willa Gray, from Uganda in May 2017. She was only one year old at the time.

Just three months later, Lauren gave birth to another baby girl, Ada James. Willa immediately fell in love with her baby sister, and the two girls remain inseparable to this day.

Earlier this year, Thomas and Lauren added a third daughter to their family. Lauren gave birth to Lennon Love on February 10, and Willa and Ada adore her.

Fans of Thomas’ have fallen head over heels for his beautiful family, and it’s easy to understand why. They have such a unique story, especially when it comes to how he and Lauren met Willa and eventually welcomed her home.

Thomas and Lauren shared Willa’s adoption story via a video call with Kelly Clarkson for The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Lauren was in Uganda on one of her many trips there when she met Willa, who was an orphan. She recalled feeling an instant connection to the little girl.

The second I touched her it was like, electric,” Lauren said of the first time she met Willa. “And I was like, ‘Oh my word, this girl has just taken my heart.’

When Thomas learned about the baby in Uganda, he was quick to say that he and Lauren would give her a home.

I was like ‘We’ll bring her home,'” Thomas remembers. “And, I don’t fully remember even saying it. It was like, such a spiritual thing for me that it just came out of my body.

Two weeks later, Thomas and Lauren began the adoption process. Months later, they brought her home.

As to be expected, Kelly cried while listening to Thomas and Lauren share how Willa came to be in their lives. You’re sure to tear up as well when you hear the little girl’s adoption story below.

We’re so happy Thomas and Lauren found Willa, and that she found them!