Keith Whitley Debuts “Don’t Close Your Eyes” On The Opry In 1988

Keith Whitley singing.

MAMsMom97 / YouTube

Keith Whitley delivered a memorable 1988 Opry performance when he debuted his hit single “Don’t Close Your Eyes.”

In the history of country music artists, Keith Whitley holds a respected position, appreciated for his authentic and emotional songs and vocal style. Born on July 1, 1955, in Ashland, Kentucky, Whitley’s career, while very brief, carved a lasting impression in the hearts of country music listeners and fellow artists, before his tragic passing due to alcohol poisoning at age 33 in 1989.

A particular moment that will forever be remembered was his 1988 performance on the Grand Ole Opry, where he delivered an amazing performance of “Don’t Close Your Eyes.” This song, later became the #1 country single of that year.

His largest success during his time with RCA Records was with various chart-topping hits including, “When You Say Nothing at All” and “I’m No Stranger to the Rain.” His Opry performances led to him gaining not only recognition but also, unbeknownst to him, an invitation to become an official Opry member shortly before his passing.

That 1988 Opry performance also featured Whitley introducing the audience to his rendition of Lefty Frizzell’s “I Never Go Around Mirrors,” hinting at its potential future release as a single. Regrettably, his untimely death precluded this, and “I’m No Stranger to the Rain” became the final single from “Don’t Close Your Eyes” released during his lifetime.

Keith Whitley singing.
MAMsMom97 / YouTube

Whitley’s impact on the country music genre inspired many artists who followed after him.

In acknowledgment of his contributions to country music, Whitley’s work has been honored and remembered by his musical peers and successors. This includes the 1994 tribute album featuring the likes of Alison Krauss, Alan Jackson, and Joe Diffie, as well as two posthumous Number One singles, namely, “I Wonder Do You Think of Me” and “It Ain’t Nothin’.”

2019 saw the opening of an exhibit dedicated to Whitley at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, attesting to the continual recognition and appreciation of his musical contributions within the genre. While he was not inducted into the hall during his lifetime, his legacy remains a topic of conversation among county music listeners and industry professionals.

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In recollecting on Keith Whitley’s career, it’s good to note how his authentic and heart-stirring performances, like the one witnessed on the Opry stage in 1988, continue to be celebrated, continuing his influence and memory.

Watch Keith Whitley’s first live performance of “Don’t Close Your Eyes” on the Grand Ole Opry in 1988 below.