Keith Urban’s Jeans Ripped, Revealing Boxers, During First Song Of 2018 Concert

Keith Urban / Instagram

There are numerous reasons why a concert might be memorable for a fan. It could simply be the thrill of seeing your favorite artist in person, getting a stage shout-out or a mishap such as forgotten lyrics, stage tumbles or wardrobe malfunctions. Just ask Luke Bryan who has had his share of each! You may recall that late last year Luke walked on stage with his pants unzipped and everyone noticed.

During a concert Saturday night (July 28) in Charlotte, North Carolina, Keith Urban suffered a wardrobe malfunction of a different sort. Urban shared the details of the mishap in an Instagram video following the concert.

“First song…I leap off the stage like I do every night, onto the main stage, and I hear this *rip*,” Keith then shows the huge rip in the seat of his jeans, revealing his black undies. “First song. I’m like ‘Oh, this is going to be a fun night. This might be long and awkward’…but, it was nice and ventilated.”

Keith Urban appeared to find the mishap humorous and handled it like a pro as he continued the concert as if nothing had happened. Urban is currently in the middle of a 59-city world tour to promote his tenth studio album, Graffiti U.