Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s Carpool Karaoke Moment with ‘The Fighter’

Keith Urban / Facebook

Keith Urban’s eighth American studio album, Ripcord, gained him widespread support, including from many celebrities who sent tweets of congratulations. However, the person whose support meant the most to him was his wife, Nicole Kidman.

Kidman showed her love for the album by posting a video of herself singing the lead-off single, “Wasted Time,” on the set of her latest movie. The video is heartwarming and will undoubtedly make you smile.

In May 2016, Urban shared a special moment with his wife when they sang his duet with Carrie Underwood, “The Fighter,” together. Kidman adorably screamed in excitement when the song began, and the two proceeded to sing to each other while sitting in their car. The way they looked at each other and flirted is simply adorable.

When the song started, Kidman adorably screamed, “Oh my God, I love this song!

Urban responded, “Thank goodness!” After a hilarious moment where the recording cut out and Urban continued to sing, they began singing the song to each other.

Watching the couple sing “The Fighter” together proves that the song is indeed an ode to Kidman. Urban promises to fight for their relationship and apologizes for any past pain he may have caused.

The duet between Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman is incredibly cute, and the love they have for each other is undeniable. Watch the video below and see for yourself!