Kay Robertson Shares Photos Of Dog Bite Injury, Says She Will Require Plastic Surgery


Duck Dynasty matriarch Kay Robertson is recovering after being bitten in the face by her dog, Bobo. Kay’s husband,Phil, detailed the incident on the June 23rd episode of the Unashamed podcast, a podcast he co-hosts with his sons Jase and Alan.

In the episode, Phil recalled the moment Kay woke him in the middle of the night for him to take her to the hospital.

“I was lying there. I felt this shake and look up. [Miss Kay’s] standing there right beside the bed, and in her left hand is a cloth on her mouth,” Phil recalled. “She said, ‘You might have to carry me to the doctor.’”

Phil asked Miss Kay to move the rag from her face so he could assess her injury. He wasn’t prepared for what he saw.

“I’m looking at her top lip was split in two, about a quarter of an inch. That’s a big cut…it’s on the top left,” Phil said. “Her bottom lip, over on the right side, there was just a chunk gone. So, bleeding profusely is an understatement.”

Miss Kay told Phil that as she leaned down to kiss her dog Bobo goodnight, it startled him awake and he bit her out of fright.

“I thought he was awake and just relaxing. I went over and bent down to wish him a good sleep,” Kay told Phil. “When I woke him up he just come at me.”

With the help of his daughter Phyllis who is a nurse, Phil carried Miss Kay to a local hospital where “they stitched it all up and pulled it together.” But, the injury will likely leave Miss Kay with significant scars, according to Phil.

Less than a week after the the dog bit, Kay shared photos of her face injuries and an update with TMZ.

See the photos of Miss Kay’s dog bite injuries below. Be warned. Some readers may find these photos graphic.

We wish Miss Kay a full and speedy recovery.