Kay Robertson Makes First Public Appearance Since “Brutal” Facial Injuries From Dog Bite

Duck Call Room/YouTube

Roughly five weeks ago, Duck Dynasty star and Robertson family matriarch, Miss Kay, suffered a gruesome facial injury due to a dog bite. Robertson made her first public appearance since the accident Tuesday (July 27) on the Duck Call Room podcast where she detailed the injury.

Miss Kay joined her brother-in-law Si, her grandson-in-law Jay Stone, and her son Willie’s assistant, John-David Owen, on their podcast where Kay was able to tell her side of the story. She started by setting the scene of the incident that happened close to midnight as Kay was getting ready for bed.

“First the lighting was low lighting in that living room,” Kay said. “Bobo was on his favorite couch….I go over there and I thought I saw his eyes open. When I came down to give him a goodnight kiss like I do all my other dogs, it was like seconds…”

Kay said that she then started to feel pain and blood around her mouth. She grabbed a dish towel and put it over her mouth as she made her way to the bathroom to look in the mirror. She knew immediately that she needed help.

Kay woke Phil up to let him know that she needed to go to the hospital. After showing him her injuries, Phil’s initial response was that his wife looked like she had been “bit by a lion.”

Immediately following the dog bite, Phil shared his take on Kay’s injuries.

“I’m looking at her top lip was split in two, about a quarter of an inch. That’s a big cut…it’s on the top left,” Phil said. “Her bottom lip, over on the right side, there was just a chunk gone. So, bleeding profusely is an understatement.”

Less than a week after the the dog bite, Kay shared photos of her face injuries and an update with TMZ.

See the photos of Miss Kay’s dog bite injuries below.

Watch Miss Kay detail her dog bite incident in the video below.