Kansas Farmer Surprises Wife With 1.2 Million Sunflowers


Lee Wilson, a farmer in Pratt, Kansas, brings the phrase “you are my sunshine” to life with grand gesture.

Wilson planted 1.2 million sunflowers in leu of his upcoming 50th anniversary with his wife on August 10th. The 80 acres housed an upwards of 15,000 flowers an acre.

Lee Wilson and his wife, Renee, have been two peas in a pod since high school. They met when Renee was only 16 years old. Renee has always loved sunflowers which inspired this one-of-a-kind anniversary gift Lee pulled off with the help of his son. The two men planted the sunflowers in May to ensure they would be absolutely perfect in time for their golden anniversary. Can you imagine any other flower more fitting for celebrating a golden anniversary?

During an interview with ABC 7 News, Lee stated, “…you know, what’s a guy get his gal on their 50th? And I put a lot of thought into it and she always liked sunflowers. And I thought, this is the year to plant sunflowers. So we planted her 80 acres of sunflowers.”

The news clip shows the rolling hills of stunning sunflowers with Lee and a very happy Renee pictured in the midst of them.

“It couldn’t have been a more perfect anniversary gift than a field of sunflowers,” Renee said.


Sunflowers have historically been a sign of happiness and adoration.

In 1977, country music artist, Glen Campbell, performed the well known song “Sunflower”. The hit was a part of his album Summer Nights. Campbell compared a sunflower to a significant other and noted how his “sunflower” makes his morning happy. “Sunflower” was written by Glen Campbell with the help of the renowned Neil diamond.

In modern day country, flowers are still viewed as romantic. In 2004, Keith Anderson released the catchy song “Pickin’ Wildflowers”. Anderson sings about pitching a romantic date idea to his significant other which involves picking flowers.