Kane Brown’s Epic, Custom-Made ‘Dream Truck’ Is For Sale

Kane Brown / Instagram

In October 2018, Kane Brown introduced his then brand-new, custom-made dream truck to his fans. Every detail of the Ford F-250 was crafted to capture exactly what Brown wanted in a truck.

A total of 16 separate vendors worked with Brown to create his “dream truck.” Those vendors helped Brown create one epic automobile, with the most impressive feature being its 19-and-a-half-inch lift.


When asked by Taste of Country to describe his favorite part of the truck, the lift is what Brown referenced. “A 19-and-a-half-inch lift, all gold underneath,” he said. “The wheels are gold with a black lip around on 42-inch tires. Twenty eight-inch wheels.”

In addition to featuring an impressive lift, Brown also had the grille of his truck customized. His personal emblem was placed on the vehicle’s grille and was even illuminated.

Kane Brown / Instagram

Looking at photos of that truck, you’d think that Brown would want to keep it forever. But, in a surprising turn of events, the “Good as You” singer is now attempting to sell the truck…less than a year after he got it!

Brandon Roussell appears to be the person Brown has entrusted with the sale of his monster truck. In a post made to Instagram, Roussell posted a picture of the truck, which shows Brown’s custom, illuminated grille. So there’s no denying it’s his truck!

According to Roussell, the truck only has 12,800 miles on it and all regular maintenance has been done. He also made it clear that you won’t get to meet Brown if you buy the truck or come out to look at it.

So how much will Brown’s dream truck cost its new owner? Roussell’s post lists the price as $120,000.


That’s quite the hefty price tag! But, it’s understandable, since the truck was custom-designed and so much time went into creating it. It’s a beautiful truck, so we’re sure they won’t have any trouble finding a buyer!

Once Brown sells his truck, he won’t be left without a ride. In January, he bought an 1978 Ford F-150, and he seems to be using that as his primary vehicle anyway.


Brown sure loves his trucks!

Before he got his dream truck, Brown was cruising around in another monstrous ride, a GMC Denali. During an interview with Taste of Country, he revealed that he had even given the truck a name…”Rex.”

You can check out that interview in the clip below.