Kane Brown Surprises Wife With Epic Valentine’s Day Present

Kane Brown / Instagram

This Valentine’s Day is definitely one to remember in the Brown household!

2019 marks their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple so Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn went all out!


Brown took to his Instagram story to show off to his almost two million followers all the gifts his new bride gave him Thursday morning (Feb 14).

“Katelyn’s spoilin’ me,” he said in the video, which showed off a cute Panda mylar balloon, wine, champagne, Reese’s candy, cookies, and a gift bag.

Fans were waiting for Kane to return the favor, and when all hope was almost lost, he posted a video of Katelyn’s reaction to his gift and made it worth the wait. He simply captioned the video, “HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!! ? ?”

In the video, she is seen opening the front door to their Tennessee house, and gasping while covering her mouth.

“Kane! Oh my god! Stop!” she exclaimed when she saw her present. “Look how pretty!”

As she walked into their living room, you can see vases of red roses lined up to make a cute walkway for her, leading her to the fireplace, where there are red rose petals shaped into a heart.

“How many of these did you get? Look how sweet you are!”

Her reaction is truly priceless, and you can tell she wasn’t expecting it at all!


After getting over the initial shock, Katelyn shared videos of her walking through all the roses.

Brown is quite the romantic, often writing songs about his lady love. His latest single, “Good As You,” is currently burning up the charts and was written about the blonde beauty. The music video consists of gorgeous footage from their October 2018 wedding. Watch it below.