K-9 Tracks Elderly Man, Find Him Locked In Abandoned House

@k9mylo_ewpd / Instagram

In a time full of craziness comes a heartwarming story about a police dog saving the life of an elderly man who had got lost wandering off on his own in the middle of the night.


East Windsor, Connecticut Police Department shared a post on Facebook yesterday (August 4, 2020) informing the public that Officer Mitchell and his K-9 named Mylo were called in to help find the missing man.

They arrived to his home around 3:30am in the morning and spoke with the family who said he had been missing for about 25-30 minutes. Officer Mitchell requested an item from them that had the man’s sent on it, so the family grabbed his pillowcase and brought it to the officer.

After a few sniffs, Milo was ready to do what he was trained to do. With his powerful sense of smell, he leads the officer a half a mile down the street to the back yard of an abandoned house.

At this point, the officer could hear a loud banging from inside the vacant home and Mylo was determined to get inside, so they made their way in. The found the elderly man in a bathroom where he had accidentally locked himself inside and was desperately banging on the door, calling for help.

“If it wasn’t for Mylo’s nose, it would have been very difficult to find the elderly male,” officers said in the Facebook post.

The man was returned back to his home and the family was immensely grateful to have him back. You can view the East Windsor, Connecticut Police Department statement in the Facebook post below.


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