Justin Moore and Randy Houser Shock Fans With Surprise Performance In Nashville Bar


Yesterday evening, on February 27th, downtown Nashville got a surprise treat when country stars Justin Moore and Randy Houser popped up at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge on Broadway for an impromptu performance.

The famous honky-tonk was jam-packed with fans excited to see the unexpected show.

Justin Moore and Randy Houser Sing “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” In Nashville

Last night, Justin Moore and Randy Houser showed their love and appreciation for the late Toby Keith on the famous street of Broadway in downtown Nashville. The pair put on an exciting performance of Toby Keith’s “Should’ve Been A Cowboy,” getting everyone in the bar pumped up as they sang along with the country stars.


With a surprise performance also comes some big news from the country singers as well. In Justin Moore’s Instagram post of the performance, Moore reveals that the pair has an exciting announcement that will be revealed soon.

“Popped up at Tootsies last night because we have an announcement to make… Just not yet. Big announcement coming Monday,” he wrote.

About “Should’ve Been a Cowboy”

Toby Keith’s classic hit, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy,” came about during a hunting trip in Dodge City, when Toby and his buddies ended up in a steakhouse bar one night.

Dressed for hunting, they watched as their friend John tried to charm a cowgirl into a dance but got turned down. One of Toby’s friends ended up making the joke, “John, you should’ve been a cowboy.”

That simple line struck Toby as song material. He grabbed his guitar, found a quiet spot in the motel bathroom, and got to work.

In just 20 minutes, Toby crafted the lyrics to what would become one of his biggest hits. With each chord, he captured the essence of that funny moment, creating a song that would stand the test of time.

“Should’ve Been A Cowboy” served as Toby Keith’s first single, kicking off his career with incredible success. Released as the opening track of his self-titled debut album in 1993, the song quickly rose to the top of the charts, becoming a staple on country radio and solidifying Keith’s status as a Country music sensation.

Toby Keith passed away on February 5, 2024 from a nearly three-year battle with stomach cancer, but his legacy will carry on as fans cherish his timeless hits forever.

Watch Justin Moore and Randy Houser perform “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” below.