John Rich Bought Late Friend’s Truck, Restored It And Gave It Back

@johnrich / Twitter

John Rich recently touched the hearts of his fans with a heartfelt gesture that truly embodies the power of everlasting friendships. In a touching Twitter post, he shared a photo of himself and the nephew of his late best friend, Jimmy Buster, standing proudly beside a stunning vintage 1964 John Deere green Ford pickup truck.

The image captured a beautiful moment of joy and nostalgia, as both John and Jimmy’s nephew wore beaming smiles. The caption accompanying the picture revealed the profound significance behind this extraordinary act of kindness.

John wrote on Twitter, “One of my best friends, Jimmy Buster, passed away back in 2001, and I purchased his old ’64 Ford truck. Over the years, I painstakingly restored it to its former glory. But today, I decided to pass it on to Jimmy’s beloved nephew, Robert Buster. It fills my heart with happiness to know that this cherished truck is now back where it belongs—in the loving embrace of the Buster family. Truly, great friendships last a lifetime.”

John Rich’s musical journey began in the early 1990s as a member of the renowned country music band, Lonestar. He lent his talents as a bass guitarist and also shared the role of lead vocalist with Richie McDonald. After departing from Lonestar in 1998, John embarked on a remarkable solo career, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. His musical endeavors led him to create soul-stirring albums such as Underneath the Same Moon and Rescue Me, the latter being a touching tribute to a cancer patient named Katie Darnell.

In 2003, John joined forces with Big Kenny to form the iconic duo Big & Rich. Together, they released three remarkable albums, including the chart-topping sensation, Lost in This Moment. While the duo took a hiatus in 2007, John Rich poured his heart and soul into a third solo album titled Son of a Preacher Man, which produced two more chart-topping singles.

Throughout his career, John Rich has consistently showcased his immense talent and unwavering passion for music. However, it is his genuine compassion and dedication to the memories of loved ones that make him a true inspiration. By restoring Jimmy Buster’s old truck and gifting it to Robert Buster, John has exemplified the power of friendship, love, and the profound impact that one person can have on another’s life.

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