John Legend Says He’s “Disappointed” After Losing 4-Chair Turn Contestant To Dan + Shay

YouTube/The Voice, Casey Durkin/NBC

Going from zero chair turns to four— this Voice contestant is back and better than ever.

Madison Curbelo Gets Four Chair Turns

Madison Curbelo’s journey on The Voice took a surprising turn as she made a return to the stage, wowing the judges with her rendition of “Stand by Me.” After facing rejection in Season 20 by not receiving a single chair turn, Madison redeemed herself with an outstanding performance, earning a chair turn from all four coaches.

During the audition, Madison’s past rejection in Season 20 was acknowledged by John Legend, admitting that he was one of the judges who didn’t turn for her back then.

 “I’m keenly aware that I was one of the people who did not turn for you in Season 20. They’ll point it out, so  I’m saying it now,” Legend said. “I feel like you’re just ready now.”

Reba McEntire was impressed by Madison’s performance and praised her for getting all four chairs to turn. She then asked Madison about her musical background. Madison said she felt more confident and ready this time around, unlike her previous experience on The Voice.

“I would say confidence is the biggest thing that’s changed,” Madison said to the judges. “I’ve been writing so much music, so I kind of discovered the sound that I love and just finding Madison, I think, was a big thing.”

Dan + Shay And John Legend Go Head-To-Head

Now that Madison has proven to gain the experience she needed to become a viable contestant, John Legend couldn’t help but to be interested in her joining his team.

“When I turned around, I saw the smile on your face and I turned around pretty quickly before any of them,” Legend says. “I heard your smile before I turned around because your voice has this brightness to it and this charisma to it. Every run you did was so tasteful, and I would love to work with you. I would love to have you on Team Legend.”

However, seizing the moment to sway Madison’s decision in their favor, Dan + Shay emphasized her improvement. They praised her growth and performance, hoping to convince her to choose them as her coaches.

“It’s just amazing and everything that you represent, everything that you are, you should be really proud of that,” Shay adds. “We’re the lucky ones that you are here. I still can’t believe that John didn’t turn. Remember that when you’re choosing.”

“We’ve got a lot going for us here,” Shay added. “That was a great song choice, that performance was amazing, the energy was great, the crowd was feeling it. We don’t have anybody like you on our team. We’d love to have you on Team Dan + Shay. You’re going to do so well on this show.”

Ultimately, Madison chose Dan + Shay as her coaches.

“I’m really disappointed that Madison is holding this grudge against me,” Legend later said. “But Dan + Shay are pretty good at this. I’ve got to say they’re picking this coaching thing up pretty quickly.”

Watch Madison Curbelo receive four chair turns during her Voice blind audition below.