Joanna Gaines Shares Biscuit Recipe That Took 6 Months To Create

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Joanna Gaines recently launched the cooking show Magnolia Table, and in a recent episode, the former HGTV star shared with fans that her biscuit recipe took six months to reach perfection. 

While most biscuits fall flat compared to the secret family recipes passed through the generations, Joanna’s fluffy contender might come close to taking the top spot. After all, Joanna spent months searching for the best biscuit recipe and tested each batch on the harshest of food critics. (Her husband, Chip, and the couple’s five children.) 


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“For six months I would sit in the kitchen and try to work out the perfect biscuit for our family, and every Saturday I would serve these biscuits to the kids and Chip and they would give me their feedback, and I remember about six months into it I wanted them to be a little richer so I added two eggs, Joanna shared on Magnolia Table. “That was the day that all of the kids and Chip unanimously voted that this was going to be our biscuit recipe.”


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Watch Joanna share her journey to the perfect biscuit in the video below.