Jimmy Buffett’s Sister Shares Bittersweet Details Of Their “Goodbye Visit”


Jimmy Buffett’s sister Lucy, aka Lulu, shared bittersweet details about her last visit with her brother.

Jimmy Buffett’s sister Lucy “Lulu” Buffet shared what it was like during the last visit she had with the iconic country music singer and the story she told is leaving fans in a puddle of tears.

In an article written for Keys News, Lucy said that before visiting him for the last time, she spoke to him over the phone and he asked her to bring her dog, JoJo. Not only did Jimmy have his own dogs that he loved and cared for, but he loved and cared for hers as well.


Lucy said she honored his request and brought the pup to see him, along with one of his favorite meals, Gumbo, as well as some sand and ocean water from a beach in the Gulf of Mexico so he could touch it with his hands.

She told Key News that it “Gave him so much joy to touch and taste those elements that inspired his dreams as a child. He had my grandfather’s twinkle in his eye to the end and he was very clear that the music, the party, and the good life was to continue.” 

Lucy shared Jimmy’s last words to her, and they are exactly what we would expect from the “Margaritaville” singer.

Lucy mentions that even toward the end of his life when everyone knew things were “going South,” everyone talked, texted, and prayed for a miracle to heal him. After his passing, however, it was Lucy’s husband, Mac, who shined a light on the situation that they did get their miracle and it was that Jimmy got to live four more years after receiving the news he had cancer.

“During those years, he continued to work, as always, with purpose and light-speed movement. We were always left in his wake or his vapor trail as he ventured to the next thing! He was an ordinary man from an ordinary childhood that did extraordinary things that touched millions!!!” She said.

During the very last conversation Jimmy and Lucy had, there was one important message he wanted her to know and would be his very last words to her…”Have fun.”

Photo of Lucy Buffett and Jimmy Buffet.
Lucy Buffett / Facebook

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Jimmy Buffett passed away on September 1st, 2023 at the age of 76 years old due to complications from Merkel-cell carcinoma, which is a rare and aggressive skin cancer. Friends, family, and fans gathered in Key West to honor his legacy and wish him a proper farewell.

Jimmy’s was a devoted philanthropist and left behind a legacy of giving.

Jimmy Buffett was devoted to philanthropy. He founded two charitable organizations, Singing for Change and Save the Manatee Club. He also had a company called Last Mango Boatworks that sells apparel and accessories. Items sold from Last Mango benefit Singing for Change and Freedom Fighter Outdoors. Learn more about Jimmy’s philanthropic efforts or donate to one of the above-mentioned organizations here.