Jessie James Decker’s Son Hospitalized With Breathing Problems

Jessie James Decker / Instagram

Jessie James Decker pulled on social media’s heartstrings when she shared that Forrest, her youngest son, had gone to the hospital for the third time in just six weeks.

Decker detailed her experience alongside a photo of Forrest, who breathed into what looked like a nebulizer. The singer explained that her son’s wheezing and low oxygen levels were leaving her feeling helpless. Medical professionals believe that Forrest has asthma, but the “Lights Down Low” singer wants more answers. In her Instagram post, Decker shared:

“Went to the hospital again last night. 3rd time in 6 weeks. Every time he gets a tiny cold he starts wheezing and his oxygen levels drop and heart rate goes up. Ultimately I’m being told he has Asthma even though he’s pretty young to diagnose. It’s scary to watch his vitals drop, hear his grunting and see his chest struggling so much to take a breath.”

Decker explained that her son’s breathing issues began last year and have become more persistent. The singer also wondered if her son could be allergic to something that is “triggering” the attacks.

“Going to see an allergist to see if maybe something is triggering the attacks,” Decker wrote. “So confusing for a parent to have this issue and just not know what to do or why it’s happening. He was born full term and 9 lbs and no issues until last year and becoming more chronic. He’s a champ but it breaks my heart when he tells me “mommy my chest hurts” in his sad little voice.”

See the full post below.

Decker asked other parents if they had experienced a similar situation with their child. Hopefully, Forrest feels better very soon!