Jelly Roll Surprises Fans At Walmart Before Show

Jelly Roll / TikTok

Jelly Roll went to Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas to see if they were selling his latest album, Whitsitt Chapel…and they were!

Jelly Roll’s Rise To Fame

Over the past couple years, the artist we know as Jelly Roll (real name: Jason DeFord) has found mainstream success. For nearly twenty years, he has released his own music, but he made his major label debut in September 2021 with Ballads of the Broken, which was released by the label BBR Music Group. The album produced the hit single “Son Of A Sinner,” which hit number one on Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart. Ballads of the Broken was both country and rock, so his country album debut came on June 2, 2023 with his release of Whitsitt Chapel.

Announcing its release, Jelly Roll took to social media and wrote, “My debut country album, ‘Whitsitt Chapel’ is out NOW!  It would mean a lot to me if you took the time to listen from song 1 all the way to song 13 and then decide which song you like–this album tells a story, and I hope this story helps someone when they need it the most, that’s really why I do this!”

Jelly Roll / Instagram

Prior to the album’s release, Jelly Roll released two singles, which are already highly successful: “Need a Favor” and “Save Me,” which is a collaboration with Lainey Wilson. The two debuted it at the 58th ACM Awards.

Jelly Roll Is On Tour

Jelly Roll is currently on his Backroad Baptism Tour, which began at the end of July and runs until October 14th. During this time, he is playing four dates with Eric Church in September!

While he was in Arkansas for his show on August 24th at Walmart Amphitheater, he thought he should go to an actual Walmart and see if they were selling his album on vinyl.

Jelly Roll Buys His Own Album At Walmart

In a video saga posted to TikTok, Jelly Roll walked into Walmart – and was immediately distracted by the Halloween decorations on sale – but eventually made his way back to the music section, where he found a full display of his album on vinyl and CD! He was so excited, because the last time he released an album and planned to buy it at Walmart, they didn’t carry it and no one in the store knew who he was.

“That’s what I’m talking about! Yes, baby!” he said, pointing the the display.

He grabbed a few vinyls, and a CD, when a fan walked up to him asking to take a photo with him. He told her how special this moment was, and you could tell that the feeling was mutual for her!

Jelly Roll Cares About His Fans

Jelly Roll knows more than anyone how important fans are. He’s the reason he is able to put out music and tour the country. He stopped and took photos with every single fan who spotted him – some of who were going to his concert later that night! 

Not only does Jelly Roll care about his fans when he sees them in public, he also does whatever it takes to keep them safe at his concerts.

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He also signed a bunch of albums and then paid for one himself, in a full circle moment. He said in the video that when he was a kid, he dreamed about his music being sold at Walmart!

Watch Jelly Roll buy his own album at Walmart below. Warning: adult language.