Jelly Roll Stops Show To Call Out Fighting Fans

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Jelly Roll was singing his hit song “Need A Favor” when he stopped to call out some fans who were fighting near the stage.

Jelly Roll is currently on his Backroad Baptism Tour and performed a sold-out show at Fiddler’s Green in Greenwood Village, Colorado. He performed 21 songs including his hit songs “Son of a Sinner,” “Need A Favor,” and even a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.”

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He Performed Through An Ear Infection, Sinus Infection, and Thunderstorm

On social media, the singer revealed that he woke up the morning of the concert with an ear infection and a sinus infection. While he was being treated for those ailments, a “full blown thunderstorm came through.”

The show still went on and Jelly shared a video all about it.


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Jelly Roll Looks Out For His Fans

Jelly Roll performs for nearly sold-out shows every single night. He’s also very protective of his fans, which is why he always keeps a close eye on them. Recently, he spotted a fan pass out during one of his songs. He immediately stopped singing and got the person help.

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At his Colorado show, he looked out for his fans once again. At the end of singing “Need A Favor,” he began singing it a cappella with the crowd and soaked in all the cheers and the chanting of him name. As he was looking around and soaking it in, he noticed fans fighting in the crowd. It seemed to be over by the time he saw it, but he still called them out.

“I don’t normally call shit like this out, but whatever happened right there was completely un-f*cking-necessary…Y’all don’t let sh*t like that happen in that section,” he said. “I appreciate you with the beard for intervening, by the way. We don’t fight at a Jelly Roll show! This is a family affair, man. I don’t know what the f*ck is wrong with you”

Fans cheered for Jelly Roll calling these people out. Fighting at concerts can be extremely dangerous, because you can knock down so many other innocent bystanders! Jelly Roll isn’t the only person to call a fight out!

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Watch Jelly Roll Call Out Fighting Fans During A Concert Below.