Jelly Roll Honors Wife On Her Birthday: “She Is Special In Every Way”

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Happy birthday to Bunnie Xo, wife of Jelly Roll!  

Bunnie Xo, wife of country music rising star Jelly Roll, celebrates her 44th birthday today, January 22nd. Bunnie Xo, whose legal first name is Alyssa, is a podcast host and entrepreneur.  

Jelly Roll posted a heartfelt tribute to his beloved wife on social media, saying that he has seen her grow in “ways I can’t even describe” during the 8 years they have been together. He continues: 

“She is my anchor in every area of my life. She brings a since of peace to every room she walks in. She makes people feel safe . She creates a safe place for people to tell her how they feel. She is special in every way. To know where she came from and what she has made of herself is unbelievable. She taught me to not just weather the storm but to dance in the rain. She taught me how to build a deep rooted friendship in our relationship that supersedes everything.” 

Jelly Roll shares that his wife reminds him of the saying, “Sometimes God sends his most unlikely messengers with the biggest message,” acknowledging that many have thought them an unlikely pair. He adds: 

“She’s playful , funny, loving, caring, charismatic, and strong. My wife is fearless. She is a strong independent woman. I also admire how much she uplifts and empowers other women. Mama Bear I want you to know that I am head over heels in love with you. And somehow every day I wake up a little more in love than I was the day before. I love you so much .. thank you for being the anchor to our family. I love you.”

Bunnie responded to Jelly’s sweet words, commenting:

“The sweetest boy, my lucky charm 💫” 

Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo attend the 2023 CMA Awards
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Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo’s love story and how it transformed their family 

The couple first crossed paths in 2015 when Bunnie watched Jelly Roll perform at Sin City’s Country Saloon in Las Vegas. The rapper-turned-country singer told Taste of Country in a 2022 interview: 

“We hit it off. She said she fell in love with the saddest eyes in the room.”

The pair wed in 2016 and will celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary later this year. Since gaining fame, fans have watched Bunnie stand by Jelly’s side for exciting moments such as his 2023 win for CMA New Artist of the Year

However, Bunnie’s support for her husband extends beyond the spotlight and happy moments. In a recent Bussin’ With the Boys podcast episode, Jelly shared that not only did Bunnie help him get a condo in Nashville after being homeless, she also generously provided the funds for him to secure custody of his daughter, Bailee Ann. Bailee’s mother was struggling with addiction and Jelly fought hard to provide for his child despite limited resources.

Jelly Roll became emotional when he recalled Bunnie telling him: 

“No matter what happens with us, I’m gonna help you get this little girl.”

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Watch Jelly Roll tell the story of how Bunnie Xo saved his family in the video below!