Jason & Travis Kelce Sing Zac Brown Band’s “Toes” & The Band Responds

(Left & Right) New Heights via Zac Brown Band / Instagram / (Center) Zac Brown / Facebook

NFL Stars & Brothers Jason & Travis Kelce Sing “Toes” By Zac Brown Band

Jason and Travis Kelce have their own podcast, New Heights. On the show, the NFL stars talk about their lives, careers, and…sing impromptu duets?

The brothers actually have some experience singing together in a less spontaneous setting. In 2023, they recorded a duet titled “Fairytale of Philadelphia” for the Philadelphia Eagles’ charity-benefiting holiday album A Philly Special Christmas Special.

Jason has played as a center on the Eagles since 2011.

The Kelce brothers’ Christmas duet reached #1 on the iTunes chart after its release. Travis thanked the fans of his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, for being the driving force behind the song’s rise to the top.

The Kelce Brothers Seem To Be Country Music Fans

Taylor started off her career in country music before eventually making the jump to pop. But it seems the Kelce brothers have been fans of country songs long before Travis and Taylor started dating in 2023.

In one New Heights episode from July 2023, Travis and Jason talked about Jason’s new life as an owner of 11 cows. Jason shared an update on his small cattle herd, and said, it was “just part of being a cowboy.

That prompted Travis to start singing Toby Keith’s debut single, “Should’ve Been a Cowboy.” Jason eventually chimed in to sing with his brother.

Toby noticed their duet, and shared the video to his Instagram Story.

@traviskelce Love you #chiefskingdom but I’ve made the difficult decision to take this next year off and head on tour with Jason 🤠 #newheights ♬ original sound – Travis Kelce

Zac Brown Band Responds After Jason & Travis Kelce Sing Their Song “Toes”

More recently, Travis and Jason delivered a spontaneous cover of a Zac Brown Band song.

Travis told his brother that he’s a big fan of Zac Brown Band. Jason started rattling off some of the group’s songs, including “Chicken Fried” and “Toes.”

Then, Jason took it one step further by breaking out into song. He started singing “Toes,” and Travis quickly joined in.


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Zac Brown Band responded to the Kelce’ brothers’ duet. They shared a clip of it on their own Instagram page, and said:

“Soundin’ good, brothers. Who wants to hear these Kelce boys sing harmony on the next record?”

Then, Jason and Travis reacted to Zac Brown Band’s response. “Little do they know that we don’t know how to harmonize,” Jason joked. “We’ve already tried to do this multiple times.”

Jason & Travis Kelce sing "Toes" by Zac Brown Band and the band responds. So the Kelce brothers worry about their harmonizing skills
New Heights / Instagram

Travis expressed doubt they’d ever be able to figure it out. So he and Jason tried harmonizing a couple times right on the spot, and did…decent?

Maybe one day I’ll be good enough to harmonize with Jason Kelce,” Travis said.

Head below to watch the hilarious video of Travis and Jason Kelce reacting to Zac Brown Band’s comments about their “Toes” duet.