Jason Isbell Gives Opinion On Oliver Anthony’s Viral Song “Rich Men North Of Richmond”

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Jason Isbell Speaks About Oliver Anthony’s Viral Hit “Rich Men North Of Richmond” In New Los Angeles Times article.

On October 9, the Los Angeles Times released an article about singer-songwriter Jason Isbell. Writer Marissa R. Moss visited him at his Nashville-area farm, where he lives with his wife, Amanda Shires (musician and member of The Highwomen), and their daughter, Mercy.

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They spoke about his songwriting style, his music catalog, and of course, the current state of country music, and Morris notes that Isbell is “country adjacent by proxy.” His music isn’t per se country, rather rock and/or roots, but he spends his down time in Tennessee and his wife in fully in the country genre, with her being a member of the country group The Highwomen. He also is friends with lots of country singers. Heck, Chris Stapleton gave him a rooster!

“It was huge,” Shires said.

Jason Isbell speaks about current state of country music.

In the article Isbell reveals he is not surprised by Zach Bryan’s success. Bryan, if you haven’t heard, has broken lots of streaking, chart, and touring records. But one person who does confuse him is viral sensation Oliver Anthony, and his song “Rich Men North Of Richmond” in particular.

Here’s what Isbell said about Oliver and his song:

“Buddy, there’s a reason you just don’t jump in the f— pool,” he said. “There’s something there. But that’s the song you should have written when you were 16, and then, when you were 19, you should have rewritten it without the part about hating people on welfare. And then when you are 20 you throw the whole thing out and write another song.”

Isbell is incredibly outspoken in his progressive beliefs. In fact, his choice to perform at smaller, more accessible venues is so he can invite more diverse opening acts, including those who identify as queer, trans or nonbinary.

Isbell is not the only person to speak out on Oliver Anthony. Maren Morris recently gave her opinion while simultaneously announcing she is leaving country music.

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What do you think about Isbell’s comments about “Rich Men North Of Richmond”?

Watch Isbell perform one of his most well-known songs, “Cover Me Up” – which Morgan Wallen recorded and frequently performs live – below.