Jason Aldean’s Wife Makes Unexpected Trip To The ER In Switzerland After Breaking Her Hand

Brittany Aldean / Instagram

A couple’s trip turned ER visit. This will be a getaway the Aldean family is sure to remember!

Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany recently took a trip to Switzerland, and let’s just say things got a little out of “hand.”

Unfortunately, the singer’s wife revealed that she had to visit the emergency room after breaking her hand while the couple was on vacation.

After the incident, Brittany posted a video to social media holding a drink in her broken hand, which was wrapped in a bandage. Her caption read: “Took a ride on the not-so-funicular and Switzerland’ed in the ER.”

“You’re probably wondering how I ended up here,” Brittany started the video off. “I broke my hand in Switzerland. Cheers,” she said, raising her glass before taking a drink.


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The next day, Brittany shared more details about what happened to her Instagram story.

“A couple of days ago, we were in Switzerland. It was like 11 at night, super late. We were taking this funicular up, which is basically this little train that takes you up the mountain. It was taking us to our hotel.”

Turns out, that on the ride, Brittany had grabbed onto Aldean and the railing for support, as the stairs were shallow, when she slipped, leading to the injury.

“My body weight went forward and fell, like, down the stairs, and then my hand stayed.”

See a photo below of the Gelmerbahn Funicular Railway in Switzerland for context.

Gelmerbahn Funicular Railway in Switzerland.
Courtesy of Switzerland Tourism (myswitzerland.com)

Pointing to her palm, Brittany said, “I broke something in this region.” She also said that she had planned to have her hand checked out whens he returned to the United States.

See one of Brittany’s recent Instagram reels from their Switzerland trip blow, where she shows off some of the unique differences she’s found in the beautiful country.


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Today, June 4, Brittany shared another Instagram post showing the “highlights” of their next stop in Bellagio, Italy.

In one of the videos, she is seen holding an ice cream cone with her still very broken, wrapped-up hand.

When in Rome! (Or Bellagio in this case). At least she’s still having fun (and looking amazing) with her broken hand. We hope it heals quickly!

See Brittany Aldean’s latest Instagram post below.