Jason Aldean + Wife Create Joe Exotic Music Video For Halloween 2020

YouTube / Jason Aldean

One of country music’s most-followed family on Instagram and Facebook are none other than the Aldeans! They’ve been very open and transparent through their social media connection with fans and especially through Brittany’s own Instagram page.

Both Jason and Brittany have amped up their posting over the years to include a variety of posts and share parts of their lives with the world that many would never have seen before. We truly live in a marvelous age of technology!


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In a 2020 post from the Aldean family, they showed the world their Halloween costumes in a very unique way.

With Jason decked out in Joe Exotic cheetah print and Brittany starring as Exotic’s husband, the pair joined together to sing the felonious zookeeper’s now-infamous anthem: “I Saw a Tiger.”

Singing and acting out some well-dramatized scenes from the hit TV series, the Aldeans also get their kids to partake in the parody – dressing their son as a tiger and daughter as the one and only Carole Baskin.

As you may recall, Baskin was swiftly eliminated following a very short run Dancing With The Stars that year. 

Check out their full video below and let us know what you think in the comments!