Jason Aldean Laughs At Hairstyle Brittany Gave Daughter Navy After Her Bath

Jason Aldean / Instagram

It’s important to find joy in the little things in life. With people currently being stuck in their homes, this statement rings true now more than ever.

For Jason Aldean and his family, they’ve found great happiness in spending time together at their beach house in Florida. He and Brittany‘s young children, Memphis (age two) and Navy (age one), have been two bright lights in such a dark time.


Navy may be just a year old, but she already has a thick head of hair! Brittany seems to have a fun time styling her daughter’s hair in fun ways, and has plenty of pictures on her Instagram showcasing her various hairstyles.

From pigtails to the classic “Pebbles” look, little Miss Navy can pull off any hairdo!



As Jason shared in the caption to a video on Instagram, Brittany will give Navy a different hairstyle after she gives her a bath. He says “the highlight of [their] night these days” is seeing what type of hairdo Navy ends up with after she gets her bath.

Jason filmed one specific hairstyle Brittany gave their daughter, saying it was “epic. You can hear Jason laughing in the clip as Brittany brings Navy down the stairs to showcase her tall, teased hairdo with a bow in the center.

People in the comments talked about how much they loved the hairdo, saying it looked like something straight out of the 80s. Navy rocks the look!

Look below to see the video of Brittany showing off her daughter’s crazy hairstyle. We can’t wait to see what hairdo she ends up with next!