Jason Aldean Forgot One Very Important Thing About Raising A Baby

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The last couple months of Jason Aldean’s life has been pretty exciting! In December, his wife, Brittany, gave birth to their first child together, a son named Memphis.

Sitting down with country radio host Bobby Bones in January, Aldean opened up about becoming a dad for the third time. Aldean has two daughters, Keely (14) and Kendyl (10), from his previous marriage, which means it’s been about a decade since he’s had a baby.

Since he does have two children, and Memphis is Brittany’s first child, Bones assumed Aldean would be a seasoned veteran at taking care of a new baby.

You’re going through the baby process again. Is it easier for you?” the radio DJ asked. “Because you’ve done it before.

“I think it probably helps because I kind of know what to expect, but also I think every kid’s different, you know?” Aldean said. “And it’s been a long time since I’ve had a baby at home. I think anytime a new baby is in your house, it’s tough, just trying to figure them out, their personalities and I forgot how much they eat! It’s all the time, man, like every two hours.”

Bones’ co-host Amy then chimed in and asked, “Does Jason Aldean change diapers?

Oh for sure!” he said. “I’m a full-throttle dad. I do it all.

Keely and Kendyl are proud big sisters, as you can see from one of the earliest photos Aldean posted of his blended family.

Although life with a baby is “tough,” Aldean is loving every minute of it.



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Watch Aldean’s interview with Bones below.