Jason Aldean Debunks Claims That His Son Is His Mini Me

brittanyaldean / Instagram

Since his son’s December 1st birth, we have been saying that Memphis Aldean Williams is the spitting image of his famous father, country singer Jason Aldean.

Thanks to the following photos, his legion of fans agreed with us.



It seems that day by day, Memphis is starting to look more and more like his dad, but Aldean finally is putting these claims to rest with a recent Instagram post.

People say this guy looks like me,” he wrote. “Here is a side by side. He is much better lookin [sic] than his dad.”

Memphis is on the left, while proud papa Jason is on the right at about the same age.


Jason also shared a side by side comparison of Memphis and his wife, Brittany.


Memphis may have his mama’s eyes, but he definitely has his dad’s nose, lips, and pretty much everything else! So, Memphis may be cuter than Jason Aldean was as a baby, but there’s no denying that they look extremely similar!

Watch Jason and Memphis in the sweet video below.