Jase Robertson Gives Details Into Daughter’s Upcoming Major Surgery: “Hopefully [Her] Last”

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Mia Robertson, the daughter of Jase and Missy Robertson, was born with a cleft lip and palate. Because of her condition, she has been forced to have multiple surgeries, but she has always remained positive.

In a post written on their foundation The Mia Moo Fund’s Instagram page, the family revealed that Mia met with surgeons in January to schedule a “major surgery,” which will include breaking “both upper and lower jaws on each side in order for them to meet in the middle.”

The post explained that Mia’s upper jaw stopped growing years ago and they’ve done all they can with orthodonture and other surgeries up until this point. The goal of this next surgery is to have Mia’s jaws function properly “in terms of chewing and speaking.”

The particular surgeon they are using is “leading the way in regards to new procedures that do not involve a halo. This is EVERYTHING to the cleft world! It means far less time in the ICU and far less trauma to these children (and their parents!).”

This will be Mia’s 13th surgery in her 17 years of life, and Missy revealed her daughter will look quite different after she is healed.


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On March 1, 2021, Mia’s dad, Duck Dynasty‘s Jase Robertson, revealed that the surgery will be taking place on March 17. In an Instagram post, which Mia thanked everyone for their generous donations to the Mia Moo Fund, he wrote, “In 2014 a 10-year-old Mia asked me and @missyduckwife, ‘how can we help other cleft kids?’ The @miamoofund was born. On March 17th, Mia will have her next (hopefully last) major surgery. Because of her inspiration, many children have been helped. We covet and are grateful for your prayers and support!


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Missy wrote a post about the upcoming surgery on the Mia Moo Fund Instagram, revealing that the recovery for this surgery is a “more intensive recovery” than she’s ever had to go through before.

She also wrote, “Jase and I ask for your prayers. We ask that you not only pray for Mia’s physical healing but also her emotional and spiritual well-being as we head into her last phase of this cleft journey.”

Additionally, Missy asked for prayers for all cleft kids, because they are all just that – kids. We will keep Mia in our prayers!


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