Jana Kramer’s Baby Girl Heals Broken Hearts With Lovable Daddy-Daughter Moment

Jana Kramer / Instagram

After enduring several very turbulent and public problems in their marriage, this country singer and her NFL player husband are reconnecting in ways many never expected.

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin have been married since May 2015 and have welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Jolie, into the world together. While no marriage is perfect, these two have found some of their own very personal struggles aired before the public because of their status as celebrities.

Because of the trials they experienced as a couple, Kramer and Caussin separated for a brief time and Caussin entered rehab for undisclosed purposes. Since their separation in August 2016, the pair have worked to rebuild their family life – and have shared special moments of their time with daughter Jolie on social media.

Taking to Instagram, Kramer has been uploading more photos of her and Caussin than any other time since their separation – and the latest video of her baby girl is one of the cutest we’ve ever seen!

The clip, which shows little Jolie running down the sidewalk after seeing her father, is shot from Kramer’s point of view and truly made her heart explode with every loving emotion possible!

“My heart can’t handle this,” Kramer wrote about the video, adding “#daddydaughterlove.”

Jolie takes off away from Kramer in the video and spots her father, Caussin, just a few yards away down the sidewalk. “Daddy!” she squeals, every heavy footstep reverberating in her voice.

She sticks her little arms out as Caussin squats down to give her a hug and then picks her up for a precious daddy/daughter hug!

These are the moments parents live to see and now Kramer has it on video to cherish forever! From all the recent posts with Caussin, it seems that the pair has been able to work through their trials and are enjoying every little moment they have with Jolie and each other!

Watch this precious video below.