Jamie Lynn Spears Honors “Miracle Anniversary” Of Her Daughter’s Survival

Instagram/Jamie Lynn Spears

A year ago, today, her eight-year-old daughter was involved in a terrible ATV accident on their Louisiana property and was rushed to the hospital in an unknown condition.

Maddie Briann, the only child of Jamie Lynn Spears was driving around the family’s property when the all-terrain vehicle overturned and became partially submerged in a pond. The country singer’s daughter was under water for several minutes as family members and others desperately tried to free her from the vehicle’s safety net.

Being airlifted to a nearby children’s hospital not many knew how serious the condition was or if she would be able to make a full recovery. She was unconscious for two full days before she woke up and was discharged from the hospital just five days following the accident.

“The hardest milestone me and my family have ever faced was almost losing our beautiful Maddie, but thanks to God and the two angels in this picture we were able to celebrate Maddie turning 9 years old all together,” Spears wrote a December photo of the paramedics at the family’s property. “This milestone became a true miracle, and we are forever grateful for that.”

Not long after, Maddie was back to playing sports and doing all the things she loves without any really troublesome side effects stemming from the accident.

Sharing a black and white photograph of herself next to Maddie’s hospital bed, Spears acknowledged how amazing it was to be a year’s time from that fateful day and cherished the blessings her family had been given.

“1 year Miracle Anniversary…. THANK YALL for your prayers during that time, and THANK YOU GOD for my beautiful family.”

Spears has always been vocal about her faith and how that has helped her and the family through such a difficult and scary time. We are so glad that young Maddie is back to her spirited self and enjoying her time at school and in sports again.

See Jamie Lynn Spears’ full social media post below and watch her video for her hit country song “How Could I Want More.”