Isabella Strahan Cries “Happy Tears” After Receiving Positive Health Update

Isabella Strahan / YouTube

Isabella Strahan, the 19-year-old daughter of Michael Strahan, recently shared a heartening update on her battle with medulloblastoma, a tumor located in the back part of the brain.

Isabella Strahan’s Positive Update In Her Battle Against Medulloblastoma

In a new YouTube vlog, she tearfully revealed that her doctor informed her of the need for only two more rounds of chemotherapy, meaning she will complete her treatments in May, rather than the originally expected July.

This news has brought her immense joy, as she now anticipates having a summer to recuperate before returning to the University of Southern California in the fall.

Another unexpected surprise occurred at the conclusion of her most recent vlog. Isabella was moved to tears when her twin sister, Sophia, who is attending Duke University, surprised her.

“Today just got so much better because Sophia just surprised me. There are a lot of happy tears today.”

Isabella Strahan shares health update.
Isabella Strahan / YouTube

Isabella’s Medical Journey

Isabella’s journey began when she experienced symptoms in early October, just a month into her freshman year at USC in Los Angeles.

Subsequent testing revealed a fast-growing 4-centimeter tumor in the back of her brain, which was diagnosed as medulloblastoma. Following surgery to remove the mass, she has been sharing her cancer treatment journey on her YouTube channel, offering hope and raising awareness about medulloblastoma.

Her recent update marks a significant milestone in her courageous fight against this challenging condition.

Isabella is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments for her brain tumor.

Prior to these treatments, Isabella endured an intense series of radiation treatments, undergoing 30 sessions over six weeks.

Following her final treatment, Isabella had the opportunity to ring the bell, symbolizing the end of her radiation treatment and celebrating a significant milestone in her journey.

Isabella Strahan shares health update.
Isabella Strahan / YouTube

We are overjoyed to hear that Isabella has received positive news from her doctor and extend our heartfelt wishes for her ongoing health and happiness!

Watch her most recent vlog below!