Is This “Claim to Fame” Contestant Related To A Country Music Superstar?

ABC/Claim To Fame

Is this “Claim to Fame” contestant the daughter of a country music superstar?

ABC’s celebrity relative guessing game “Claim to Fame” officially returned on July 10 for its third season.

Fans are excited to see a new cast of celebrity relatives battle it out, trying to guess each other’s famous family members in hopes of winning $100,000. With past winners like season 1’s Loreal (Keke Palmer’s sister) and season 2’s Gabriel (Nick Cannon’s brother), the stakes are high, and the fun is just getting started.

As the first episode aired, viewers were introduced to all 12 contestants. Some played their cards close to their chest, while others couldn’t resist dropping some major hints about their star-studded relatives. One contestant, Mackenzie, has already sparked a wave of speculation, with many viewers convinced she’s related to a country music star.

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By the end of the episode, the popular guess was that she might be Trace Adkins’ daughter.


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Of course, viewers aren’t certain, and only a few clues have been revealed so far in the competition. While Mackenzie’s celebrity relative remains unconfirmed, she shared some intriguing hints during the show’s “Two Truths and a Lie” segment.

Mackenzie’s clues include:

  1. My celebrity relative is my dad.
  2. My celebrity relative is best known for being a singer.
  3. The biggest award my celebrity relative has won is a Tony.


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Even though Mackenzie is trying to keep her identity under wraps, she was quick to admit that her claim about a Tony award was false. This confirms that her father is definitely a singer of some sort.

Her slight country accent and the clues provided so far have led many to speculate she might be the daughter of Trace Adkins, but it’s still too early in the competition to confirm that. Another popular guess circulating of who Mackenzie could possibly be related to is actor/singer Kevin Bacon, but only time will tell.