IRS Says Deadline For COVID-19 Stimulus Direct Deposit Is Tomorrow

Unsplash / Jorge Salvador,

After the release of the new Economic Stimulus Payment Tracker “Get My Payment” on the IRS’ official website, many people were encountering errors, slow loading times, and even were completely unable to get into the system.

The “Get My Payment” tool was launched two days earlier than expected and the mass amount of web traffic seemed to cripple the website. In addition to that, the mass amounts of deposits flooding into millions of bank accounts at once crashed many bank’s websites and mobile apps.

Luckily, after a few “critical” upgrades by the IRS in recent weeks, it appears that most of the access issues have been resolved. Additionally, many who were getting the “Payment Status Not Available” error message have been able to successfully enter their direct deposit information.

While the new updates have only been out for slightly more than two weeks, the IRS has urged Americans to take action now if they want to receive their stimulus check via direct deposit.

With this new guidance from the IRS, qualifying taxpayers who are eligible for the COVID-19 stimulus payment can enter their direct deposit information on the official IRS website – but they only have until 12 p.m. on Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 to do so.

Right now, the IRS has already issued more than 130 million stimulus payments to Americans and more are on the way. Folks who elect to receive their stimulus payment via paper check will likely have to wait longer than those who submit direct deposit information.

Another update from the IRS says that automatic stimulus payments will soon be sent out to qualifying Americans receiving Social Security retirement benefits, disability benefits, Railroad Retirement benefits, Veterans Affairs benefits, or Supplemental Security Income, but they didn’t say when that would occur.

If you have not entered your direct deposit payment information, but wish to do so, head on over to before noon tomorrow.