Iraq War Veteran Delivers “Profound” DWTS Performance With Toby Keith’s “American Soldier”

Stephen Rogers / YouTube |

For fans of Dancing With The Stars, Season 20 was a favorite for many reasons. The main one being that it featured an extraordinary man named Noah Galloway, a former United States Army soldier.

Some may have heard about his story prior to his stint on the show, but some didn’t. Either way, fans were moved by his performances week after week. Galloway was severely injured when he came in contact with an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) ultimately costing him the majority of his left arm and a large portion of his left leg.

After his severe injuries and departure from the Army, Galloway went on to pursue a career as a fitness trainer, defying all odds, especially with the injuries he sustained. His career led him to various modeling appearances, as well appearing on multiple television shows, including The Ellen Show.

In 2015, Galloway was asked to compete on the ballroom dance series Dancing With The Stars and was paired with incredibly talented professional dancer Sharna Burgess. Together, the duo went on to place third, despite the psychical obstacles that some viewers believed would keep Galloway from persevering.

While the duo’s dances continued to inspire viewers week after week, it was a contemporary number set to Toby Keith’s “American Soldier” that ultimately brought light to Galloway’s emotional journey and heroic past.

Galloway, with Burgess at his side, showcased his undying will to succeed through his incredible emotional strength and stamina, regardless of the doubts that had initially been cast his way.

They closed the powerful performance, with Galloway placing his hand over his heart and Burgess embracing him. Moments later, they were both visibly overwhelmed with emotion. Calling the performance “profound,” the awestruck judges praised Galloway for his ability to say so much while attempting so little, in addition to his incredible spirit that remains, to this day, unbroken.

Thanks to this dance, Galloway reminded us that obstacles are intended to be overcome and that we determine our own barriers and limitations. You can view this beautiful dance and tribute below.