Internet Slams ‘Voice’ Winner’s Indy 500 Performance – Kelly Clarkson Comes To Her Defense

Kelly Clarkson / Twitter

Kelly Clarkson is a mama bear, even when it doesn’t even concern her own kids.

The singer, who has won two out of the three seasons she has appeared as a coach on The Voice, is not afraid to reply back to mean things people say on the Internet, especially when it comes to her 16-year-old prodigies, Brynn Cartelli (Season 14 winner) and Chevel Shepherd (Season 15 champion).

Clarkson and Shepherd reunited on Saturday, May 26 at the Indy 500 where the “Broken & Beautiful” singer performed the national anthem, and the Voice champion sang “God Bless America.”

Shepherd received lots of praise for her a cappella rendition, but it attracted some criticism online as well.

One man tweeted at Clarkson, “Absolute WORST version of God Bless America I’ve ever heard!!! Sing it the way it was written, without all the slow whining, the “stylizing,” the chirps and warbles. Want to know how to sing it right? Listen to Kate Smith’s version.”

Kate Smith performed the Irving Berlin-penned song in 1938 on her radio show. Berlin originally wrote the song in 1918, but during World War II, he felt that it should be brought back as a “peace song.”

He wasn’t the only one to slam Shepherd’s performance, but he’s the only one who received a response.

Clarkson, who has remained close to the Season 15 champion, did not like the way he criticized the 16-year-old, and replied, “I didn’t actually sing that song today but the 16 yr old girl that did, nailed it. Also, think about the fact that U signed in online & took the time 2 drag a 16 yr old girl. Really think about it because Ur showing the worst side of U & I have faith that you’re cooler than this.

Way to go, Kelly!

Watch Shepherd’s “God Bless America” performance below.