Indy Feek Recites Pledge Of Allegiance In Video Posted By Sister Heidi

Heidi Feek / Instagram

Making So Much Progress

Anyone who has followed Joey + Rory for years knows that life hasn’t always been easy for their youngest daughter, Indiana or “Indy.”

Because of her disorder, Indy took longer to learn how to walk and talk than most children do. But thanks to the love and care she received from her family, teachers, and therapists, she is improving every day.

In February 2017, Rory shared a heartwarming video that showed Indy’s journey as she learned how to walk. She started with taking a few shaky steps, then moved on to a walker, and was finally able to walk short distances all on her own.

Indy is even better at walking now, and can also dance!

In late August 2018, Rory shared a video of his baby girl “line dancing” to a performance during their Sunday church service. She was having such a fun time moving and grooving!

That Precious Voice Will Warm Your Heart

Just as Indy’s mobility has improved dramatically over time, so has her speech. Over the last couple years, Rory has shared a number of videos that show just how well Indy is doing when it comes to talking…and singing!

In 2018, Rory shared a precious video filmed by his daughter Heidi. The clip shows Indy in the backseat of a car, sweetly singing along with a gospel song recorded by her mama Joey.

Indy is also learning how to improve her vocal skills in school, and shared what she’s been learning with big sister Heidi.

Heidi recorded the moment, in which Indy stopped to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to her. With her hand over her heart, Indy said the entire pledge, delighting Heidi. As she wrote in the caption to the video she shared, “She’s so smart and cute and I have watched this video 473629392 times so I thought I should let u guys see it too.

You can see that precious video below. Indy did such a good job!

It’s been such a blessing to watch Indy grow over the years. We can’t wait to see what else she is able to accomplish. She’s already learning so fast!