Indy Feek Is All Smiles In Cutest Halloween Costume Yet

Instagram / Rory Feek

It looks like Nashville had Halloween perfected this year. From our favorite country singers’ costumes to their kids’, there was no shortage of creativity. Recreating famous movies or dressing up as furry animals seemed to be the ongoing theme. One country star’s daughter mooved us with her fluffy costume choice this year.

Rory Feek and his daughter Indy are one of the sweetest daddy-daughter duos. Luckily, Rory shares Indy’s precious adventures as she grows, never missing a single step. One thing is for sure, Indy definitely knows how to dress up! For a school function, Indy dressed in a head-to-toe dinosaur onesie.

For Halloween last year, little Indy was a princess “Inderella” with a few of her friends. Rocking a bright pink dress, sparkly crown, and her precious pigtail look we bet she scored a lot of goodies while Trick-or-Treating!

This year, Indy traded her princess gown in for something a little more comfy. The always-smiling baby Feek dressed head-to-toe yet again in a furry get-up. This time though, she was a cow! Nothing spooky here but she sure looked cute. From her paws to her ears, little Feek’s furry black and white spots completed her adorable as ever costume.

We already can’t wait to see what costume she does next!