In Just 1 Photo, Mike Fisher Exposes The Reality Of Carrie Underwood’s Mother’s Day

Instagram / Carrie Underwood

The husband of one of country music’s leading female stars opened up on social media about how his wife – and the mother of their two sons – spent her Mother’s Day…and you might be surprised by it all.

Mike Fisher, former NHL star for the Nashville Predators, who is married to Carrie Underwood, posted a photo to his social media account this weekend, showing what was going on for Mother’s Day 2019 in their family – and spoke openly about his wife on this very special day.

Fisher and Underwood are proud parents to two young boys: Isaiah who turned 4 in February, and newborn Jacob who was born just a few weeks before his big brother’s recent birthday.

Together as a family, the four took off from Las Vegas and flew straight to Fresno, California on their private jet to prepare for Underwood’s next tour stop on her Cry Pretty 360 Tour that kicked off just under two weeks ago on May 1st, 2019.

On Mother’s Day 2019, Underwood was spending some time with her family but ultimately had to perform a show in Fresno, California that day – and had to start getting ready early.

Her commitment to her family knows no bounds, but also, her commitment to her career is incredibly strong as well. Balancing the two must take a great deal of finesse, dedication, and organization – not to mention love of both work and home life.

In her own celebratory post to honor her mother, Underwood shared a photo of them together with the caption explaining just how her mom managed to handle all the responsibilities of being a mom and life – and how great a role model she was.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mama and to all the mamas out there! I watched my own mother juggle it all…being a mom, wife, teacher, role model… Moms are amazing and I’m thanking God for mine this morning!”

Returning that sentiment was none other than Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, who shared a sweet candid photo of her “doing it all” on Mother’s Day as she prepared to go on stage.

Sitting across the room from her and their youngest son, Mike uploaded one photo that really exposed the truth of how Carrie was spending her Mother’s Day: getting glammed up by her hair and makeup team, bottle-feeding their youngest son, and preparing to go on stage.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there and to this great mother!!” he wrote alongside the snapshot. “She does it all like my mom. Grateful for them both!! The boys and I are Blessed!”

Even though Carrie was working hard on Mother’s Day, it’s clear that both her job and her family bring her great joy and she’s lucky enough to be able to spend her off moments with her kids and husband while still getting to do what she loves.

Check out Mike’s full post below along with an incredible video of her performing during that evening’s show.