Iam Tongi Releases Official Acoustic Music Video For “The Dance” Cover

Iam Tongi / YouTube

American musician, Iam Tongi, unveiled his official acoustic music video for Garth Brooks’ “The Dance” on Friday (Dec. 1st).

The American Idol winner shared that this song was one of the first he ever learned to play, all thanks to a nudge from his dad.

“This Garth Brooks’ song is special to me because it was one of the first songs I ever learned on guitar. I’ve always loved country music, and this one felt right for an acoustic flip.”


Really excited to be releasing a cover of Garth Brooks’ “The Dance”! It’s dropping this Friday 🤙🏾 #iamtongi #newmusic #acoustic #garthbrooks

♬ original sound – Iam Tongi

Whenever Iam Tongi performs “The Dance,” he consistently pays tribute to his late father, and this poignant acoustic rendition is no exception. He appears to reminisce about those joyous moments as he shuts his eyes while delivering the performance. Iam Tongi’s father Rodney died of kidney failure in Dec. 2021, just months before Tongi auditioned for American Idol.

Who Is Iam Tongi?

William “Iam” Guy Tongi, an American vocalist, emerged as the champion of Season 21 of American Idol. Notably, he is the first winner of the show from Hawaii, the first Pacific Islander to achieve this honor in three years, and the initial non-country singer to secure victory in the competition. Additionally, he holds the distinction of being the first winner born after the show’s premiere on June 11, 2002. He is only 19 years old!


Story Behind “The Dance”

Brooks recorded “The Dance” in late 1988 and released it on his self-titled debut album a year later. The song has been covered extensively, with contemporary renditions by artists like Luke Combs, Koe Wetzel, Kelly Clarkson, and more. Finding high-quality versions of Brooks singing the song on YouTube is challenging, as he restricts his music from streaming on platforms other than Amazon.

This rendition and others, including an interpretation of Morgan Wallen’s “Sand in My Boots,” perfectly showcase Tongi’s unique and captivating voice.

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Listen to Tongi’s cover of “The Dance” below!