How To Correctly Pronounce “Buc-ee’s”


Believe it or not, people are sometimes confused by how to correctly pronounce Buc-ee’s, the name of the super sized travel stop that is taking the country by storm.

Founded in Texas in the mid-80s, Buc-ee’s boasts the title of the World’s Largest Gas Station and is a one-stop shop for fuel, hot sandwiches, fountain drinks, toys, apparel, home goods and the cleanest convenience store bathrooms you can find.

While the pronunciation of the Buc-ee’s name may seem obvious to most, there are some who have taken liberties with the name. In 2021, a TikTok user documented her trip into the travel stop and went viral after she was heard calling it “Beusey’s.” Some viewers insisted that video’s creator was only joking with the mispronunciation. But, this writer has heard the same iteration in recent years as Buc-ee’s mania has spread farther east. First trip to Buc-ee’s #bucees #buceeseverything #buceesvibes #texas #everythingsbiggerintexas ♬ Oldies – Almighty Blessing

Other interpretations of the name include “Bussey’s” and “Bewkey’s.” But, there is only one proper pronunciations…Buckey’s. Further confirmation of the correct delivery of the name can be heard upon walking through the store’s doors where employees greet visitors with a hearty “Welcome to Buc-ee’s!”

In a 2022 interview with CBS Sunday morning, Buc-ee’s founder, Arch “Beaver” Aplin III, shared the story behind the now iconic name.

“Beaver was my nickname. My mom named me that when I was born,” Aplin said, adding that there was a toothpaste commercial featuring Bucky Beaver that inspired the moniker.

With a riff on his childhood nickname and some inspiration from his beloved hunting dog, Buck, Aplin opened his first Buc-ee’s, beaver logo and all, in 1982. He never dreamed that his store would become a Texas icon. It’s also safe to say that the businessman didn’t anticipate that it would ever be called “Beusey’s” or “Bussey’s” or “Bewkey’s” either.


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But, we doubt that Aplin is too concerned over how people pronounce the name. After all, what started out as a modest Texas convenience store now holds world records and is opening new stores faster than you can say “fresh chopped brisket on the board.” We’re fairly certain that Aplin and his co-founder will let you call Buc-ee’s anything your heart desires.

Get a tour of Buc-ee’s and hear about how it all started in the interview with Arch “Beaver” Aplin III below.