How Luke Bryan Hilariously Keeps His Wife Happy

Luke Bryan / Instagram

Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, revealed how her husband cheers her up, and the sweet video gave fans a look at the couple’s private life. 


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Even the fun-loving Bryan family has their bad days. In the Instagram video, Luke slow danced with an unenthusiastic Caroline. Throughout the dance, Caroline flopped her arm down and glared at the camera. Still, Luke did not give up; he grabbed her hand and kept on dancing to the beat.

“Caroline’s having a bad morning. We’re dancing it out,” Luke explained in the video.

In the caption, Caroline revealed that the dancing did lift her spirits. According to Caroline, Bryan always finds a way to make her laugh when she is feeling down. Caroline wrote:

“I was a big grumpy cat this morning. He annoyed me until I laughed….works every time,” Caroline shared on Instagram.

Watch the full clip in the video below.


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A post shared by Caroline Bryan (@linabryan3)

While the video captured a touching moment between the couple, Luke and Caroline are more well known for playing practical jokes on each other.

See some of the couple’s funniest moments in the following video.